Olympics Have Always Been Gay, Canadian Commercial Shows [Video]

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The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion thinks that the Olympics have always been a little bit gay and that is how they promoted it in their new commercial which is sure to fan the fire of anti-gay controversies in Sochi.

The institute, along with Toronto creative agency - Rethink, created a 30-second bomb which is sure to explode pretty hard. The latest ad which is released only days before the commencement of the Winter Olympics in Sochi shows a 'couple' of male athletes who seem to be practising their 'skills' together. The ad shows the couple of men thrust back and forth while they prepare themselves for taking off luge sledding.

The commercial uses "Don't You Want Me"- the popular tune in 1980s - as its background score. The commercial ends with a "message": "The games have always been a little gay. Let's fight to keep them that way." According to Rethink's Managing Director and Partner Caleb Goodman, the video promoted a message on equality. The Star reported that he called the message as the most important part of the commercial which incidentally comes with the backdrop of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

While Rethink brainstormed with the CIDI in November about the video, the homophobic legislature passed in Russia was there in their mind. Even though homosexuality is not illegal in Russia any more, the law that created controversy was about preventing the promotion of such implications to minors. Minors were, by law, instructed not to get exposed to "non-traditional sexual relations."

Only days before the games inauguration on Friday, Feb 7, Human Rights Watch articulated its concerns that the number of homophobic violence which included shaming, attacking and luring was increasing. The agency apparently wanted to exploit the opportunity to convey a message they though was important to them.

The commercial is only posted online due to restricted funds but nobody seems to be complaining much about it. The YouTube video posted by Brilliant Ads has already been viewed by over 250,000 people.

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