Olympic Swimmer Ian Thorpe Found Breaking in Neighbour’s Car, Sent to Rehab

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Australian swimming champion Ian Thorpe has been admitted to rehab after the Olympic winner was found "disoriented" at 3 o'clock in the morning, according to ABC. He was apparently suffering from a combination of medication and anti-depressants due to a shoulder injury.

It has only been days after the "Thorpedo" management denied that the great swimmer was battling alcohol abuse and depression. According to a police spokesperson who spoke to news.com.au, emergency services had been called to the Panania home of the swimming icon at 3:15am.

Thorpe was taken to Bankstown hospital after police had a conversation with him in the vehicle outside his house. James Erskine, Thorpe's manager, later admitted about Thorpe having been admitted to rehab to battle depression. According to Mr Erskine, it was the hospital that insisted on him being sent to rehab.

Ten reported that a young boy of 14 investigated the scene after he had heard a noise in the yard. Then he informed his father that a man had been trying to break into the family van. That was when police were called. When police arrived, they found that it was none other than five-time Olympic winner Thorpe sitting in the van. Mr Erskine informed that Thorpe had the belief that it was his friend's car he was sitting in.

Even though Thorpe was found under the influence of medication and anti-depressants, there was no alcohol found in his body. The family, on the other hand, decided not to lodge any complaint against Thorpe. The police spokesperson reported that no further action on behalf of police had been anticipated.

Arguably the greatest Australian Olympian of all time was reportedly under medical supervision in the previous week as well as he was released from hospital only on Friday January 31. However, Mr Erskine informed that he was only being treated for his shoulder injury. He continued to insist on the same as he informed that Thorpe took pain-killer for the shoulder surgery he had last week.

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