'Ok, Google' to Expand Capabilities Beyond Listening - Report

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A Google Logo is Reflected on the Screen of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone in This File Photo Illustration Taken in Prague
A Google logo is reflected on the screen of a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in this file photo illustration taken in Prague, January 31, 2014. REUTERS

Rumors about the new Android features and interface tweaks have been circulating before the upcoming Google I/O 2014. Android Police published a detailed report on design changes and new features for the Android.

'Ok, Google' Anywhere And in Apps

The supposed most huge feature of Android is the ability to say "Ok, Google" from anywhere, not just on the home screen. There is also a focus on placing specialized and specific voice actions that apply only for a certain app. For example, while in Photos app, a voice app opens when it hears the Ok, Google voice command, and the app is ready to perform actions from Photos app-specific commands, like "share image."

New Navigation Buttons

Along the Ok, Google anywhere and in apps is an exploration of new navigation buttons, like a "Google" button replacing the present home button, incorporated into the "Hera" feature, the combination of Search and Chrome on Android. But this interface is only for Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.

Beyond Listening the Voice Command 

It was further reported Google is exploring on making Ok, Google get the ability to be aware of what the user does on his device when he says it. Google tries out the functionality that will enable the Ok, Google prompt to suggest actions instead of listening.

That is why there should be a functionality to know what the user currently does when saying Ok, Google.

For instance, if the user is currently conversing with someone in Gmail, the prompt could be replying to the person in current conversation, or perform actions pertinent to the message chain such as searching a movie or a restaurant mentioned in the conversation.

Earlier, it was announced Google expanded contextual search capabilities in voice actions. For instance, Google Search allows filter of restaurants by price, cuisine, ratings or what's open right now.

When you use  your mobile device to find a place to eat, you can just say, "Ok Google, call," and your device will call the restaurant. This feature works in the U.S. and hopefully will be available in other countries.

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