Oil Rush 3D Now Available for Snapdragon S4 Devices

  @Seju_Juni on

Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy is finally available for Android mobile gamers. Unfortunately, only Snapdragon S4 devices can run it, and if you are not a proud owner, the game is out of your league for now.

Google Play Store features the game and it costs $7.99 with a free demo version. Snapdragon S4 devices with chips MSM8960, MSM8260A, MSM8974, APQ8064, and MPQ8064 having an Adreno 225 or 320 GPU plus 1GB of RAM at least can run the game without any problem. Popular devices include Google Nexus 4, Sony Xperia T, Sony Xperia Z and the ASUS Padfone 2.

According to the game's official site, the game will run exclusively for Snapdragon 4 devices for "six months following release." For the unfortunate ones, you will have to wait till September 2013 and hopefully your device will become the next lucky one.

Oil Rush 3D Description It is a naval strategy game which takes place in Nuclear War that changes the planet forever. It features unique game play focused on group control and global-scale decisions. Players must be ready to command a naval war between furious armies striving for last remaining supplies of oil. Experience a thrilling storyline, military technology and never-ending battles.

Game Features:

-          Superior 3D graphics

-          Unique and varied environments including Antarctic, flooded jungles, sunken cities, Asian villages, great canyons, and more

-          Massive battles

-          Several mission types: Tower defence, survival, rescue, oil retrieval, and more

-          In-depth strategy

-          Rich array of technology tree

-          15 quick games

-          18 music tracks

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