Ohio College Student Loses Testicle in Fraternity Hazing Rites; School Bans Organisation

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Nineteen-year-old student Tyler Lawrence is surely regretting his decision to join the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity in Wilmington College in Ohio. It's because of the brotherhood's harsh initiation rites in late November 2013, he lost one of his nuts.


Mr Lawrence lost a testicle because he was hit on the balls with a towel fashioned as a weapon, Smoking Gun quotes the student's search warrant affidavit.

The hit on the family jewels was so bad that the poor student had to undergo a medical procedure that removed one of his testicles.

The towel hit, which probably mimics a shower room prank among male students, is just one of the harsh hazing rites that new recruits of the oldest local fraternity in the U.S. undergo. Other physical and psychological endurance tests with sexual undertones that new recruits endure just to be considered a "brother" include application of hot ointment on their naked bodies, placing bananas soaked in vinegar inside their mount and simulation of sexual intercourse using stuffed balls.

In other schools and countries, new recruits suffer more than just the embarrassment and physical pain inflicted in initiation rites. Many students have actually died from excessive force used such as boat paddle to hit the limbs and backside of would-be fraternity members.

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As a result of what happened to Mr Lawrence, the judicial board at Quaker college permanently withdrew recognition of the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity which could, however, make one final appeal to the college president on the board decision.

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