Offspring: Two Sisters’, Nina and Billie, Love Twists in Season 5, Episode 11

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The final moments of "Offspring" Season 5 Episode 11 featured a happy moment and a devastating one, as well. Billie finally made-up her mind, and as a result there was a happy reunion between her and Mick.  At the same time, Nina discovered that Thomas is still wedded to his wife, and he is the husband of her patient, the heavily pregnant lady who got admitted that day.

Throughout the episode, Billie was like a pendulum, unable to decide whether she wants to pick-up the thread with Mick, or choose a stable life with Lawrence. Lawrence told her that he loves her, but Mick was constantly on her mind. Both Mick and Billie were unable to escape their emotions when Angie started to help them sort out their stuff.  Mick refused to answer her when she demanded to know why he broke-up with Mimi, as he felt that she and Lawrence were serious about each other.

Meanwhile, Thomas made Nina realise that she had not told him much about Patrick, as he did not even know that he was her colleague. Later, she found out from others that Thomas got to hear a lot about Patrick from them. She sought out Leo and asked for his opinion. When she met Thomas, again, she started off by telling that Reid was Patrick's last name. Thomas was like he did not know much about being in a relationship with someone who has a pas baggage, as he ended-up in a relationship with his estranged wife quite early in his life.

Billie realised that she is likely to end-up like her mother, and her relationship with Lawrence will provide her a different, secure life. She picked Lawrence over Mick, and moved-in with the former. However, their first night together turned out to be a fiasco. When she joined Lawrence in the bed, she was uncomfortable and wanted some more time before she got intimate with him. Later, she kept hearing the drum beats and wondered why Lawrence was unable to hear that. She had a breakdown and Lawrence understood the reason, and let her go.  

Billie went to the club where Mick was performing. Mick saw her in the crowd and came down. Billie confessed that he is the love of her life. The two kissed and the episode ended on a happy note for them.

At the hospital, Leo was the first one to discover that the pregnant woman's husband is Nina's Thomas. He informed Nina about that. Nina did not believe him, as Thomas was separated from his wife. She was shocked to see Thomas beside her new patient.     

Also in the episode, Jimmy found out that Zara is interested in pursuing medicine, but is giving-up on her dreams because of family responsibilities. And, when Jimmy brought-in the three elders to convince Zara to pursue her dreams, she lost it and asked them not to interfere.

Unaware that Cherie and Martin are seeing each other, secretly, Kim told Cherie that she wants to try having another child with Martin, as she is seeing a much calmer Martin despite the return of Cherie. Cherie listened, without spilling out details about her secret rendezvous with Martin.    

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