Offspring Season 6 Update, Nina’s Revelation Changes Things for Billie in Episode 10 of Season 5

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The Season 5 of "Offspring" is fast barrelling towards its end and there is still no confirmation about Season 6.  Without providing any confirmation, Network Ten has indicated that it does not intend to axe one of its popular shows. According to reports, they are currently discussing how to keep the show running.

There is much uncertainty surrounding the renewal of "Offspring" for Season 6, mainly because a show benefits from the Government's tax rebate only till 65 episodes.  According to Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), any future production of the show is estimated to cost 30 per cent more.

Beverley McGarvey, head of programming at Network Ten, however does not see the potential rise in the production cost as a major issue.  She said to SMH, "There has been five seasons but dramas can go a lot longer than that. We're in the process now of talking about how we would keep going."

McGarvey also indicated that the channel wishes to keep the show running for a long time, as long as the people want to see "Offspring."

SMH reports that Asher Keddie, who plays Nina Proudman, is not averse to the idea of doing another season of "Offspring."

Meanwhile, the episode 10 of Season 5 saw Nina taking another step towards Thomas, as she introduced him to her family. But before that, her father, who was at Nina's home as Zoe's babysitter, caught her and Thomas making out on the kitchen table.

Also, Nina found out from Jimmy that Mick is still pining for Billie. She also came to know that Mick broke-up with his girlfriend Mimi. She met Mick and told him that it is better he does not tell Billie that he has broken-up with Mimi.

When Mick and Billie met for lunch, Mick does not mention anything about his break-up or that he still loves Billie. The two ended their conversation by agreeing to put their house on the market.  Later at the bar, Billie arrived with Lawrence and introduced him to Mick. Afterwards, Lawrence told Billie that he saw the connection between her and Mick, adding that it did not bother him.    

Nina found herself in a dilemma, as she felt that it is not right to keep Billie in the dark about Mick and Mimi's break-up. She sought Leo's advice on the matter, without revealing the names of her sister and Mick. Leo suggested that it is better to tell the truth.

At home, Nina told Billie that Mick and Mimi have broken-up. Billie was shocked to hear that and felt that the revelation about the break-up changes everything.

Also in the episode, Dr Clegg was having difficulty keeping a distance from Cherie. To maintain that distance, he offered to baby sit five kids and relieved Zara from her babysitting duty, and asked her to join the rest at the bar. However, the day had something else planned for him. Cherie arrived at the house. The two soon caved-in and kissed and probably made-out, as well.  

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