Offspring: Season 5 Wraps-Up on a Happy Note [RECAP]

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The final episode of "Offspring" Season 5 ended on a happy note, with family and friends present under-one-roof to celebrate Zoe's first birthday.  After such a picture perfect, happy ending, it seems doubtful that "Offspring" will return for Season 6.  However, according to reports, the producers, Imogen Banks and John Edwards, and Network Ten are still discussing the possibility of Season 6.  

"Offspring" Season 5 finale opened with Nina looking at the possibility of raising Zoe, without the support of her family and friends. The final moments of the episode confirmed that family and friends are always going to be an integral and important part of Nina and Zoe's lives. Here is what happened in the final episode:  

Nina vetoed the idea of celebrating Zoe's first birthday, as it was Patrick's death anniversary, as well. Billie packed her bags and left to the airport with Mick, still in the dark about Thomas's truth. Nina took-up the job offer at Woman Wellness Centre, and gave her notice to St Francis. Leo was not aware about that, and Nina was not picking his calls, as she was embarrassed. Cherie wanted Leo to tell Nina about his feelings for her. Leo, however, does not want to complicate things for Nina, as the latter was already dealing with a lot of things.

From the airport, just before the boarding time, Billie called-up Thomas. The man blurted out the truth about him being married and the birth of his newborn, unaware that Billie does not know about his two-timing truth. Billie decided to stay back, while Mick went ahead to get on the plane to UK.

Billie retuned, with Jimmy, to know the truth from Nina. The two were ready to rip-apart Thomas.  Nina found out that Billie has informed everyone in the family. Thomas called up Nina, asking her to stop her family from threatening him. There was an emergency at St Francis and Nina had to go. Billie fired the newly hired Zoe's nanny, as for her, Zoe is her anchor and being around the little girl is her happiness.

 Nina reached St Francis to find that it is overflowing with pregnant women. One of the hospitals had a chemical leak problem, and they sent all their patients to St Francis. All the doctors and the staff of St Francis spent the whole night delivering babies, 47 of them. Cherie told Martin that she loves him while they were busy helping two women deliver their babies. Leo was helping Nina and the latter probably for the first time saw the former in a new light. She had earlier accused him of telling her family about Thomas's truth.

The next morning, Nina told Kim that she would be there to deliver her baby, indicating that she is not leaving St Francis. Afterwards, she called-up Darcy, telling him to make arrangements for Zoe's first birthday celebration.   

At the terrace, Leo joined Nina and confessed that he is completely in love with her, and not as a friend. The other day he pushed her away because he did not want to take advantage of the situation. He said that it is "too important" and "powerful" for him. Also, he said that he would never do anything to make her unhappy. Nina believed him and admitted that she feels the connection between them. She held Leo's hand at the end of this conversation.  

Afterwards, Nina went to meet Thomas and told him to not call her, again and she will stop her family from causing trouble for him. Meanwhile, Zara gave her medical exam. She looked happy and Jimmy was positive about her cracking it and becoming a doctor.

Nina and Leo entered the former's home, together to join everyone for Zoe's birthday celebration. Mick returned, as well and joined the family. Philip found out that he is set to become a father. Ange met Elvis and the two were attracted to each other. Cherie and Martin were planning to move-in, together.

At the end, Nina asked Leo to join them for the family and friends' photo time. "Yes, Zoe, this is your family. And it's always going to be like this," Nina said while waiting for the camera to click the happy group photo.  Nina also saw the vision of Patrick, smiling at her.        

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