Offspring: Season 5 Preview Episode 12, Not Yet Renewed for Season 6

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"Offspring" has not yet been renewed for Season 5. The shocking twist in the last episode makes it inevitable that there be a new season to show how Nina deals with the betrayal, find new love or find the right man in Leo.

In the final moments of "Offspring" Season 5 Episode 11, Nina was shocked to discover that Thomas is still a married man, and her new patient, who is heavily pregnant, is his wife. Nina was growing close to Thomas, and she had started to feel comfortable with him. When Nina realised that she had not told him much about Patrick, she set a date with him to talk about Patrick and tell Thomas all about him. This indicated her seriousness towards Thomas and commitment to their relationship.  In the penultimate episode, Nina is likely to find it difficult to keep her composure and not confront Thomas in front of his wife.

Leo has been there for her, giving her wise, practical advice whenever she had come to him with a dilemma. It seems he will help her deal with Thomas's betrayal and the realisation that the man was two timing.

Also in the previous episode, Billie at first moved in with Lawrence, not wanting to enter a destructive circle like her mother. She chose stability over her feelings for Mick. However, Billie was unable to wipe-out Mick from her thoughts and begin her relationship with Lawrence, who confessed that he loves her. At the end of the episode, the love for Mick won over her desire to have a stable partner like Lawrence. She went to the pub where Mick was performing and in front of his audience, she confessed that she loves him. In the upcoming episode, Mick would want Billie to come with him to London. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape Mick and Billie's relationship take in the final two episodes of "Offspring" Season 5.            

Meanwhile, Mail Online reports that "Wonderland" is scheduled to take "Offspring" time slot from August 13. The final episode of "Offspring" Season 5 is scheduled to air on August 06.    

This Wednesday, "Offspring" will air after the premiere of "The Bachelor Australia."

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