Offspring Season 5 Episode 7: Nina’s Dilemma and a Mother’s Decision


The episode 7 of "Offspring" Season 5 features the dilemma of a mother, Nina, who is also a sister and an aunt. In the previous episode, Zara and Jimmy's son Alfie was diagnosed with a liver transplant and needs an urgent liver transplant.

Nina and her mother, Geraldine , are potential donors. But, both are stopped from donating a part of their liver.  Geraldine is stopped from donating her liver because of her age and past medical conditions. The family stops Nina because there are significant risks associated with being a donor, and little Zoe needs her mother.

Zara and Jimmy are unable to arrange for a donor, while Nina is unable to decide what to do, as there have been cases of donor's death. As Jimmy is unable to take care of his taco business, it is Billie who helps his business keep running. At the hospital, Billie also meets Leo and tells him that she knows all the details about his and Nina's one night stand and thus things are going to be awkward between them.

Nina decides to donate her liver to Alfie and tells Jimmy about it when he comes to her house, early morning, dishevelled and almost on the verge of begging.  When she reaches the hospital, Nina finds out that her mother has made the same decision.  The transplant is successful, both Geraldine and Alfie are alive and recuperating at the end of the episode.   

At the end of the episode, Nina calls up Thomas. She updates him about Alfie's successful liver transplant operation. Thomas wants to know if there is anything he can do. Nina tells him that she needs to find time to be with her family for the next few weeks. But, she adds, "But, may be in a while ... I'm not sure when ... I'm not sure if I'm in a position to date, but ... give it a try."

It looks like Nina is not hooking up with Leo.    

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