Offspring: Preview of Season 5 Final Episode, Season 6 Update

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This Wednesday, "Offspring" will wrap-up Season 5, with the telecast of the final episode. It is still not confirmed whether this much loved series will be returning with a new season, next year.

Channel Ten and John Edwards and Imogen Banks, producers of "Offspring," have yet to reach an agreement regarding the new season, according to

The fans of "Offspring" are unlikely to be disappointed if the Season 5 finale ends on a high-note, and if it provides a happy closure to Nina's tragic love life. The Season 4 finale saw the death of Patrick. And in episode 11 of the current season, it was revealed that her new love interest Thomas is a two-timer and has not separated from his wife.

Speaking about the possibility of "Offspring" ending, Kate Stewart, who plays Billie, said to, "If this is the end, I think you could leave it there. The full year is put away -- it closes that tumultuous year of Patrick's death and Zoe's first birthday. It's a lovely way to come full circle."

The penultimate episode of "Offspring" Season 5 saw Nina coming to terms with the shocking discovery that Thomas is a married man and is the father of her patient's new born. With the help of Leo, Nina managed to hide the news about Thomas's betrayal from her family and work colleagues. She also chose to not tell Billie about Thomas's marital status. Also, she kissed Leo and Leo had to stop her from getting more physically intimate, as he did not want to wreck their friendship. Nina also got a new job offer from a women's wellness centre.

The final episode of the season will see Nina planning Zoe's first birthday and also dealing with the first anniversary of Patrick's death. The question is whether there is a chance for Leo and Nina's relationship. Also, will Nina quit St Francis?

Meanwhile, Billie was in dilemma in the penultimate episode. She was sure about her love for Mick, but was not sure about following him to London.  The final episode of "Offspring" Season 5 will see her packing her bags so that she could be with Mick.

According to the synopsis of "Offspring" Season 5 finale, "Billie gets ready for a new life overseas as Nina has to deal with Zoe's first birthday and the anniversary of Patrick's death. The staff at St Francis have to deal with an emergency of epic proportions."

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