Official Sony Xperia S, SL, Acro S Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update Leaked, Soon to be Released

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Sony Xperia S update for Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is now being polished and will be on its way in a few days. Xperia SL and Acro S will also soon to receive their Android Jelly Bean upgrade within weeks.

Sony certified Xperia S Jelly Bean update and the version of the new software is likely to be released soon in a few days. North American PTCRB, showed the Android update being prepared for release.

Back in April, Sony confirmed several Xperia devices to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Xperia S, SL and Acro S update are due before the end of May and other Xperia units will have updates by the end of June. Sony did not give any specific dates when exactly these updates are going to be released.

Sony Xperia S Update and Leaked Build

The firmware update for Sony Xperia S leaked and its build version 6.2.B.0.200 was also noted. DooMLoRD of XDA developers leaked a previous build, 6.2.B.0.197 and claims that it is fully working.

Testing for the said version works so far and may encourage some owners to flash it for daily use. You can download the stock ROM 6.1.A.2.55 from the XDA original thread but your device must have an unlocked boot loader to install it.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Features

Once your device receives the update, simply follow the instructions and install the software. Remember to create a backup on all your data files on your device, plug the device to the AC power and connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid inconvenience.

Here is some goodness Android Jelly Bean will deliver on your device:

  • Newer and even more intuitive versions of Sony Media apps - WALKMAN, Album and Movies.
  • Battery STAMINA Mode for longer lasting battery.
  • Organize and search for your apps in a new quicker way.
  • Personalise your phone even more with up to 7 home screen panes.
  • Google Now to bring right information at the right time even before you know you need it.
  • Project Butter for more responsive and smoother user interface.
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