Official Samsung Galaxy S3 3000mAh Battery Kit Available at Two Euro Sites

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Galaxy S3 owners wishing for at least two more solid hours of battery juice can now place their orders on two European online retailers, Mobile Fun in the United Kingdom and Amazon's operation in Germany.

The two web sites sell the official 3000mAh battery kit from Samsung for $US65 and $US53 respectively. According to Android Central, Amazon is set to begin delivery of the extended energy pack on Jan 5 while Mobile has yet to specify a date on when S3 users will receive their orders.

Earlier reports have indicated that this new battery will add some heft to the Galaxy S3 yet according to Gotta Be Mobile, some weight will be taken in but the wafer-thin Samsung smartphone will not swell at all.

All About Samsung discovered a video that discusses some details about the new battery kit, which is viewable via this link: Note, however, that the clip is Slovenian but helpful enough.

S3 users getting this product should enjoy a monstrous upgrade from the stock 2100mAh battery of the phone, placing the handset nearly at par with the Galaxy Note 2, which Samsung deployed with a 3100mAh battery.

It is expected that the extra 900mAh will benefit heavy users of the S3, who not only treat the phone as their main communication tool but also as their prime amusement instrument on-the-go.

More hours of gaming, video-streaming, music playing and web-surfing can be extracted from the S3 via this official Samsung battery pack, which blog reports noted came some seven months after the smartphone debuted in May 2012.

Take note that there are other battery options for S3 already available out there, among them the Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh Extended Battery, but this official Samsung release offers additional kicks.

"This one looked particularly good with a specifically built rear cover for durability, NFC chip, and in blue or white colour options to match the handset," said Phones Review in a report.

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