Official Royal Website Reveals Truth about Prince Charles' Breakfast, Among Other Things [PHOTOS]

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The newly-designed website of the British monarch reveals many things about Prince Charles, including the truth behind his breakfast myth and how he prefers architecture nowadays.

When newsman and BBC presenter, Jeremy Paxman, revealed in his book called "On Monarchy" that Prince Charles routinely eats one hard-boiled egg from seven eggs presented on his table each morning, it has been the most-asked question in the website and even became an urban myth.

"No, he doesn't and never has done, at breakfast or any other time," written on the website managed by the Clarence House. The revamped website also clarified that although he is a man of wealth, Prince Charles prefers traditional buildings over modern, tall skyscrapers.

"The Prince believes buildings should be designed on a human scale and be sustainable, should respect the character of local surroundings, and should be able to cope with a variety of uses over their lifetime." said the statement in the website.

The answering of the public's inquiry is as long as three pages, and includes details on how the Prince has managed to help out in saving the environment by lowering down his carbon footprint. In 2008, it was news when the Prince had his vintage Aston Martin converted so it would run on bioethanol fuel-a high-octane, water-free fuel produced from the fermentation of sugar or converted starch.

 "Between 2007 and 2012 the (royal) Household has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from sources under its control by 41 percent." stated the official monarch website.

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