Official Rejects 'WikiLeaks' For a Baby Name, How About Other Techie Names?


New parents cannot use WikiLeaks as name for their baby. But may explore other techie names for their beloved child.

This is what the registry officials in Passau, Germany did when they rejected the German couple last week for giving such name. They said this could probably put risk on the child.

In a news report from The Independent , Hajar Hamalaw, a 28-year old journalist and father, wanted to honor the web site which publishes various information from secret sources. They ended up using Dako for their baby's name although family members and friends still called the child "WikiLeaks."

The father could not hide his disappointment on the rejection and even pointed there are many people who named their child after the dog of US President Barack Obama. But a spokesman from the registry cleared the decision was based on a legal ruling that if a child's welfare is at stake, such name will not be granted.

If the name cannot be used, computer-adept parents can still take inspiration from other IT-related names. Two years ago, abs news report, mentioned an Egyptian couple named their baby Facebook in the advent of the social media's revolution.

Then there is the name Bingham which the son of popular Actress Kate Hudson and Olive which is the daughter's name of the actress Drew Barrymore. So what other techie names can babies have?

How about  design and programming baby names like Axum, Link, Layer, Logo, Pixel, Tag, Ziron or Pascal? Parents can also use gadget and computer names like Acer, Apple, Firefly, Siri or Sony.

Tech-obsessed parents can also name their child based on Silicon Valley, Northern California where most technologies started. They can call their daughters with Claris after the company which produce the Apple software. Or maybe Lotus which is part of IBM's software corporation.

Meanwhile, parents can call their baby boys with Alef after a computer programming language, or perhaps Archie the first ever search engine in the internet. They can also use Darwin after the operating system of Apple.

Still running out of ideas on baby names? Perhaps the list of popular baby names for 2014 from Baby Center can give you better idea. Good luck on choosing baby names!

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