Odd Crop Circles Spotted Under Baltic Sea Discovered to Be Caused by Poison, Not by Aliens

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After having been speculated as the making of aliens and even the effect of World War II bombs, biologists reveal the closest answer to the phenomenon and that it was caused by poison.

Huffington Post reports that the odd-looking rings made up of green eelgrass which measure up to 15 metres wide were seen in the Baltic waters in Mon Island of Denmark. Its photos were captured in 2008 and reappeared again by 2011. This is what triggered the rumours that it could be that of crop circles.

However, several biologists named as Marianne Homer of the University of Southern Denmark and Jens Borum of the University of Copenhagen offered a different, more reasonable explanation of the on-and-off appearance of the greenish circles spotted underwater.

Not Caused by Fairies or Aliens

The two biologists reiterated in their released statement that the circles underwater were not even caused by fairies. Their conclusion stated that the circles were formed due to the patterns of the growth of the eelgrass that radiates in its surrounding. And then it eventually dies when it is exposed to poison or toxins.

The mud that surrounds it was discovered to have high amounts of sulphide. This substance is considered a poison to the eelgrass and can also gather up in big amounts, eventually looking like a huge seabed. The Web site Weather.com wrote that it was stated by researchers that the eelgrass can grow in various directions since it is a flowering plant. As the plants grow, they spread into colonies that come in circle shapes.

In line with this, the sulphide poison or toxin weaken only the new eelgrass plants but is not capable of harming the older or adult plants. The weakest parts of the plant's colonies are found right at the heart of the fold. This then is what explains the formation of the "exceptional circular shape" since the rim parts are the ones that survive the longest, Tech Times mentioned.

Finally, all the alien and fairy rumours can finally be put to rest, thanks to the logical explanations of biologists Ms Holmer and Ms Borum.

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