Oculus Rift Opens New Game-Changing Reality

Oculus Rift Sets New Gaming Trend?


Remember the time when every technological and mobile development is bent on laying something groundbreaking on the table? Whether it's the outbreak of touch screen or the morphing quality of tablets and phones to phablets, it seems like the next best thing is always about the next different thing.

But Oculus Rift has a new take on things. Instead of bringing a different kind of technology-technically-onto the table, it's bringing a huge improvement on an already-existing device to give an entirely different meaning to the concept of gaming.

According to The New York Times, not only is the Oculus Rift headset putting the idea of virtual reality to the gaming industry, it also aims to bring it closer to the people who would enjoy it-at a price that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Reports say that the parts that make up the Oculus Rift are already seen in most of the mobile and tablet technologies. And given how these can be created by the volume in cheaper industrial areas, it's not impossible to ask for your own Oculus headset for as little as $200.

"The next big thing isn't always a brand-new technology that you never heard of," said former game designer at Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski to The New York Times. "It's this thing that existed 10 years ago and quietly got better."

And better it has become. From being mere virtual reality tools used mostly in industrial, medical, and military applications, Oculus is now taking that crucial step towards giving this same technology for the enjoyment of the public.

Once inside the Oculus Rift headset, you're bound to forget that you're actually looking at a video screen instead of real world, reports Gizmag-until you're confronted with medieval castles looming in front of you.

What really makes it even great is the fact that the details were not skipped over. You will really feel that you're immersed in a world that feels real until you feel the headset around you.

Speaking of the headset, for now, the Oculus Rift itself gives you a skier feel, especially with the bulky quality of the device. Of course, this is merely a prototype, and we can expect an even better retail model when it does come out to the public.

For now, Daily Mail reports that Oculus is trying to distribute the device to potential game developers, so they can get started rolling out ideas.

What gamers can celebrate about is the fact that the Oculus Rift, as a hardware, works and is ready to operate, reports All Things D.

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