O-Town Back After Ten Years with New Single 'Skydrive,' Ashley Parker Angel Did Not Join Band Reunion

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O-Town, a boyband formed back in 2000, is back after a decade of hiatus with a new hot single, "Skydrive." According to Hollywood Life, "the progression of the song is pretty impressive with a catchy melody and powerful lyrics."

During their hiatus, some members have come and gone. For the current record, the band only consists of Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, and Dan Miller. Noticeably absent is original band member, Ashley Parker Angel. The band assures everyone there are no hard feelings between them even though Ashley decided not to join the reunion.

Trevor calls the new single as "dramatic. "It starts with a simple piano and vocal, and by the end you hear a seventy-piece orchestra, and all four of us belting it out in 4-part harmony," he told Billboard

The interesting thing about the reunion is that it was not planned straightforwardly. The members did not sit down and decided among themselves that they will revive the band. Rather, it all started just for "the fun of it." When they had too much fun, Jacob shared that the band only planned to embark on a summer tour at first and they do not plan on making new music. However, things turned out differently.

 "However, once we began working, what developed was something a little more ambitious. The ideas kept flying and we couldn't help but start making new music," said Jacob.

The band shared to MTV News that their return is both "weird" and "exciting."

"We love the song. We think it's so good, and we had this feeling 'Is it good or is it just us because it's our song?" Trevor said. "We had a feeling it was a good song, and today, all those insecurities wondering if people going to like it, and hearing the response, everyone loves it as much as we do."

Even though Ashley did not join the reunion, the four said they understand why and they do not hold it against him. "Just time and location didn't work and this deal that came past ... just seemed to be the best timing for majority. And because it was 10 years, we got to the question, 'Do we not do it at all because we are not five or do we just do it as four?' " Jacob said, then focusing on Angel. "We are not angry. He just didn't want to do it right now. And the fans, because we had started this about two years ago, and they had been asking. We kind of felt like now was the good time."

O-Town's third full-length album, Lines & Circles will be released on August 3.

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