NZ Single Mum Turns to Prostitution for Childcare and Studies

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A single parent at Paerata near Pukekohe has turned to prostitution to support her children and her studies, New Zealand Herald reported.

Tania Wysocki, 38, advertised herself on a website two weeks ago in a desperate bid to raise the money she needs to support her children when she goes back to school in Mt. Albert to study veterinary nursing next week.

Ms. Wysocki told the Herald she wrote to Prime Minister John Key two days after Christmas saying she hopes to get off the domestic purposes benefit (DPB) by engaging in prostitution to raise some money.

The Office of the Prime Minister reportedly forwarded her concern to Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, whose response has yet to be issued.

The Herald spoke to Auckland regional social development commissioner Isabel Evans, and she confirmed that Ms. Wysocki would receive up to 50 hours a week of subsidised childcare.

However, the amount is not enough for the needs of Ms. Wysocki's children, as well as the cost of her transport to school.

While she has received responses to her advertisement, she is still hoping she won't have to get into prostitution with government's help.

"I'm sort of tossed up because I think at least with that [prostitution], if someone is available to look after the kids, I could run off and do one client and then I'll be fine. I could still study and still spend time with my kids," Ms. Wysocki told the Herald.

If the training incentive allowance was still paid for higher-level courses, Ms. Wysocki said she would not be in such a dilemma.

The allowance pays sole parents up to $102 a week for childcare and travel costs for courses, but was restricted in 2009.

"Paula Bennett did all those courses, but she's stopping me from doing all the ones that she did. It's just not fair," Ms Wysocki said, speaking about the minister to whom the PM's office forwarded her concern.

Ms. Wysocki had a job in a stud farm for 15 years but stopped when she gave birth almost five years ago. She went on the DPB when she and her partner broke up three years ago.

Ms. Wysocki has sought the assistance of Local National MP Dr. Paul Hutchison, Labour MP Jacinda Ardern, and Green MP Jan Logie.

Saying the troubled single mother Ms. Logie made it possible for Ms. Wysocki to fly to Wellington to talk to media regarding her plight.

"It's taken going to a local MP, writing to the Prime Minister, being referred to the minister, and going to two other MPs and then the Herald, to get what she was entitled to," Ms Logie said.

New Zealand prostitution laws are some of the most liberal in the world. In fact, even brothel keeping and street solicitation are legal and regulated in the country.

The Prostitution Reform Act passed in June 2003 decriminalised brothels, soliciting and escort agencies, which were illegal under Massage Parlours Act 1978.

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