NZ Political Candidate David Seymour’s ‘Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi’ Video Mocked, Becomes Viral

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New Zealand political candidate David Seymour has become a surprise Internet star after his campaign video went “viral” on YouTube. The “Meet David Seymour” video he uploaded on YouTube has caught the attention of people even outside his electorate for being unintentionally funny.

Just two days after Seymour uploaded his video on Monday, he has already amassed over 2,000 views. That number multiplied to more than 13,000 on Friday.

It wasn’t because it was Academy Award-worthy.

According to commenters online, the video can be described as gawky.

Seymour began his introduction video by saying “hi!” from various locations in Epsom, telling the viewers that he wants to be their MP. He did not stay in one location to shoot his campaign. He kept on changing sites throughout the video.

“I must be the first candidate in New Zealand political history to be sunburnt from campaigning,” he said in the video.

He might have just delivered a joke, but it’s hard to tell because his frozen semi-smile remained the same from start to finish.

“I don’t care much for politicians and their grand government schemes. What I care about is the idea that individuals can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of those they care about,” the politician wannabe said.

Online commenters couldn’t decide if the video, which some people now call the “hi, hi, hi, hi” video, was a parody or a real campaign material, with some thinking that it was just plain hilarious.

Although it was obvious that it wasn’t his intention to make his viewers laugh with his campaign video, Seymour showed that he understood how his sudden popularity came about.

And although the “hi, hi, hi, hi” video didn’t quite get the positive response he was aiming for, his Twitter reaction to people’s mocking was met with more respect.

“David Seymour for ACT has gone viral. Mission complete. That’s a very hard thing for a politician to do without doing something scandalous,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

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