NZ PM John Key Reacts to Stephanie Key’s Nude Photos: “I told her to eat her food not play with it”; Kim Dotcom Buys Nude Photos

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New Zealand Prime Minister John Key's daughter, Stephanie Key, made it to the headlines for her controversial nude photos. But as much as people found the photos "bizarre" or "provocative", Mr Key casually joked about Stephanie's nude photos.

"I told her to eat her food not play with it. But oh well she's got sushi all over her," Mr Key joked during TV One's Breakfast show.

Mr Key also said that the Key family was proud of Stephanie. He also said that he knew about the nude photos even before they were published. He was not all shocked about them. He was well-informed that the photos were part of a portfolio that Stephanie did for her school, Paris College of Art in France.

When asked about Daily Mail calling Stephanie's nude photo as "provocative", "a bit strange" and "raunchy", Mr Key just shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

"That's the Daily Mail for you," he said.

Mr Key had confidence in his daughter as art experts viewed the nude photos as "visually interesting." One picture showed Stephanie naked with sushi all over her, while another photo showed she had an octopus on the area between her legs.

The nude photos were instrumental in promoting Paris Design Week of 2013 which only proved that Stephanie's photos were done in good taste.

According to Paris Design Week official Web site, the Paris Design Week "gives new impetus to the city in the race to become a world's creative capital city and is a good opportunity for the city to show its boldness and talents. PARIS DESIGN WEEK proves the vitality of the design sector by promoting ultra-dynamic avant-garde designers. Presented on now ! le Off with the support of Rado, Orange and Citroën, it reveals new talents and shows its desire to make a difference. This ambition is passed on by the birth of the Fédération Française de Design at the Carrousel du Louvre, and by the wealth of partnering events, such as Révélations at the Grand Palais, the window displays dedicated to design at Lafayette Maison or even the Lost In Paris exhibition at Le Lieu du Design. These special events highlight the link between design and arts and crafts, decoration and fashion."

Meanwhile, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom twitted an obnoxious comment about the nude photos. As a result he was under fire for these lewd comments.

Mr Dotcom then twitted admitting that he had been creepy with his previous post.

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