NY Times Pits Samsung Galaxy S5 Against iPhone 5S

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The recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 has been compared to other flagships and the competition was certainly intense. At present, Apple's iPhone 5S competes with the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it comes to sales. Just recently, the New York Times compared these two flagships against each other to see which one is the best smartphone in the world.

Remarkably, the publication found that the competition wasn't even close.

"Although it offers no spectacular advances over the previous version, Samsung seems to have done just enough with the S5 to stay ahead of every other Android phone maker," NYT columnist Farhad Manjoo claimed. "The only plausible competition comes in the form of the HTC One, which, as my colleague Molly Wood wrote, is prettier than the S5 but not as functional. The upshot of all these reviews is that if you're looking for the best Android phone, Samsung's is the one to buy."

"But that's not the whole story. While there are probably some people who go out to shop for the best Android phone, I suspect that most people want to know which phone is best of all, whatever operating system it runs. In other words, how does the Galaxy S5 compare to the iPhone 5S, Apple's six-month-old flagship device and the champion to beat?," Manjoo further said.

The answer, according to Manjoo, is "not very well."

According to the NY Times, the Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't compete on any level with the Apple iPhone 5S.

"By just about every major measure you'll care about, from speed to design to ease of use to the quality of its apps, Samsung's phone ranks behind the iPhone, sometimes far behind," Manjoo said.

According to Manjoo, the biggest advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S5 over the iPhone 5S are better battery life, water-resistance and bigger display. But the first two are just minor advantages, not to mention that the screen discrepancy will purportedly disappear this year when Apple releases an iPhone with a bigger screen.

It was concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best smartphone with a big screen right now or until Apple releases the iPhone with big screen.

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