NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 with Android 5.0 L Announced, Nexus 9 Coming Soon: What to Expect

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NVIDIA has confirmed that its Tegra Note 7 tablet will be receiving the latest Google mobile operating system platform, Android L. The Tegra Note 7 is best known as an affordable slate featuring the Tegra 4 SoC. The tablet has also been considered as contender against the Nexus 7 despite its Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC. 

NVIDIA devices have always aimed to provide a good entertainment and gaming experience to consumers. More importantly, the company has seen to its devices run on the latest operating system. This is the same reason why NVIDIA decided to be among the first ones to deliver the Android L on its product line. However, similar to other Android roll outs, the company has not announced the exact date of the firmware release. NVIDIA did confirm that the Android L will be available to the Tegra Note 7 soon as Google releases the firmware officially. 

According to NDTV, NVIDIA created the Tegra Note to provide a demonstration of the power and performance of the Tegra 4 ARM processor. This is similar to what the company does on its graphic cards and graphic processors. It then allows partner companies to copy the technology and brand the devices under NVIDIA. 

According to Fudzilla, NVIDIA is not currently in the position to provide any details of the release date although availability of the Android L on the Tegra Note 7 will not be long following Google's announcement and release on its devices. Along with the announcement of the Android L release, consumers should also be hearing more about Tegra products coming soon. Google and HTC reportedly teamed up to produce the Volantis tablet also dubbed as the Nexus 9.  The hardware announcement also mentioned the use of Tegra K1 64-bit SoC referred to as Denver. 

The most interesting aspect of the chipset is that it will reportedly support the 64-bit structure and ART runtime. The combination of the chipset with the runtime promises to speed the performance of memory intensive programs. 

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