Nursing home Accused of Hiring Strippers to ‘Entertain’ Patients

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A U.S. nursing home is accused of hiring strippers to entertain their aged patients. Male-strippers apparently danced around the patients while one of the patients even stuffed dollar bills into the underwear of a stripper.

It was Bernice Youngblood, 85, who proved that she really had "Young Blood" in her body as she enjoyed the company of the strippers. Nobody could have imagined her doing so. Her son might never have dreamed of his mother to be seen stuffing dollar bills inside a stripper's briefs in a nursing home. However, he did not have any other choice but to believe it as he saw a photograph of his mum doing it.

The night went unexpectedly young at the East Neck Nursing Center in Long Island. The shocking image of Ms Youngblood also showed several of her fellow patients taking delight in the strippers' performance. Her son Franklin Youngblood, on the other hand, was not particularly delighted to see his mother in such a manner. He expressed his dissatisfaction to the authorities but was totally ignored.

According to the complaint lodged by Mr Youngblood and his attorneys Vesselin Mitev and John Ray, traditional Baptist Ms Youngblood was apprehensive that she might suffer "physical harm" by the muscular man who was "almost nude." Mr Youngblood found the photograph that showed his mother stuffing dollar bills into the stripper's briefs when he visited her in January 2014. According to his complaint, one of the nurses even tried snatching the photograph from him.

Another nurse said that the strippers' act happened to be an "entertainment event" which was targeted to amuse the patients. Mr Youngblood's complaint also said that the nurse admitted that the event was organised in "good faith." The complaint also said that it was pretty common for the nursing home to hire male strippers to entertain the patients, New York Post reported.

The complaint said that the strippers' even was organised only for perverse pleasure of the staff at the nursing home.

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