Number of Times Miley Cyrus Has Kissed a Girl in the Past: Lesbian Tendency or Marketing Tactic?

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Miley Cyrus is unleashing her lesbian side or so it seems. The 21-year-old was seen passionately kissing "Dark Horse" songstress Katy Perry as she performed her romantic song "Adore You" during her "Bangerz" concert in Los Angeles on Saturday. The audience looked stunned and the pictures of Miley-Katy lost in a smooch have been splattered all over the media. Katy Perry too looked surprised and was seen smiling after the incident. Check out the video here. This is not the first time that Miley Cyrus has kissed a woman. Let's get into details of her other girl-to-girl kisses.

More recently in December 2013 Miley Cyrus was spotted kissing model Cara Delevigne and it was not a normal peck on the check type of kiss. Miley and Cara were involved in a tongue kissing and Miley even posted the picture of her and Cara sharing the kiss on Twitter. See photo here.

One other time when Miley Cyrus was caught kissing yet another girl was when the Britney Spears Las Vegas residency concert kicked off. Miley was enjoying the concert of Britney and suddenly went onstage and kissed a backup dancer from Britney's entourage. Miley reportedly grabbed one of the dancers, grinded against her as the audience watched in excitement. The moment was captured on camera by one of the concert goers and posted online on his Instagram page. Check it out here.

Does that mean that Miley Cyrus loves kissing girls and has bisexual tendencies or she just loves to shock people by her bizarre behavior? Most pop stars who are straight in real life have gone ahead and kissed females in their shows. Who can forget the moment when pop diva Madonna and "Hit Me Baby One More Time" singer Britney Spears shared a passionate lip lock few years ago when Britney was as famous as Miley now is. The pictures of Britney and Madonna's kiss were seen all over the media then and everyone just could not stop talking about it for weeks. Looks like Miley Cyrus wants be follow the footsteps of Madonna and Britney Spears and reach where both these superstars have reached. What are your views? Will Miley succeed?

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