Nude Scandals' New Victim: 'One Direction's' Harry Styles

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It's been dreadfully silent in terms of nude scandals, but of course, these people who love to make a fool out of celebrities are at it again. Their newest victim is "One Direction's" Harry Styles and yet rumor has it, Harry was behind the nude photo leak of himself.

Before fans of "One Direction" start throwing tomatoes, the photo was a complete fake and it was not Harry who sent out the photo of himself. Unfortunately, Harry Styles isn't UK's version of Scarlett Johansson who would purposely take nude photos of himself.

17-year old Styles denies it is him in the nude photo and fans of "One Direction" fully support their "directioner". So what made people believe otherwise that it is indeed Harry Styles in the nude photo?

Well, Harry's trademark of curly brown hair and his silver dog tag were quite notable features on the picture. Apart from the obvious lock of hair, it is said that the place where the photo was taken has a close resemblance to "X-Factors" bathroom where Styles and his band mates shared during the filming.

If that wasn't enough to spark a controversy, fans of Harry Styles would know that he has a fondness or a firm belief towards nudity.

"I just like to be free," says Styles in a recent interview. "Being naked makes me feel alive - we should all do it." So with that being said, was it really him in the photograph showing his full support and fondness over nudity or was it someone else completely?

There's the obvious hair and the dog tag and a few other evidence to support the idea that it is indeed styles but with the face on the photograph completely obscured by the flash in the mirror then no one can really say that it is or is not Harry Styles.

Maybe another interview with "One Directions'" Harry Styles would do his fans justice. Plus, really, saying something about nudity and suddenly denying a picture of a naked teen quite proves the opposite of what Styles believes. He could have just laughed it off or made a joke out of it saying:

"Nice package there but no, unfortunately, I'm rather gifted with more and I'd make tasteful nude photographs."

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