NSW Road Minister Duncan Gay Considers Banning Cyclists on Busy Roads to Avoid Accidents

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The recent death of a male cyclist on Thursday afternoon from a road accident has sparked a lot of concern about the safety of a cyclist. The incident occurred when a bus collided with the cyclist at the intersection of Ben Boyds and Military in Neutral Bay.

NSW Road Minister Duncan Gay showed his concern about the safety and said he is "increasingly persuaded" to implement a licencing system for cyclists to avoid the rising number of mishaps. Gay was also exploring the idea to ban cyclists on some busy roads in Sydney.

"The thing I really need to look at is, if we're going to put rules in place, and I need to be tougher on car drivers, but I am increasingly persuaded that we need to look at a licence for cyclists ... It's not going to worry the ones that are doing the right thing, but the bad ones that are running lights, crossing over, being aggressive, they're a large part of the statistic," Gay told 2UE breakfast.

In another crash on Wednesday morning, cyclist Anthony Platts-Baggs suffered serious injury after he was hit by an Australia Post delivery truck on the Princes Highway at St Peters. Platts-Baggs was trapped under the truck for more than an hour till he got freed by the rescue team. He was later admitted to hospital with both legs broken.

Gay was seriously considering options to reduce the rate of accidents.

"We will look at it on a safety basis ... The hard thing is, if I put a carte blanche ban in, there are some really good rides that cyclists do, and part of it involves Southern Cross Drive and then on down to Wollongong. I understand how important this is for cyclists, but there have been a couple of accidents there," he added.

The minister also insisted that drivers and cyclists to be more careful to curb increasing deaths from road accidents.

"We need to get people to be more careful, but the key is to get the people in bigger vehicles to understand that they need to be more observant, but the other part is we need cyclists to actually obey the rules and be helpful as well," Gay said.

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