NSW Dress Code: No Jandals Policy in Public Schools Include Teachers

By @ibtimesau on

New South Wales released over the weekend the state's dress code for public school teachers. The code bans the tutors from wearing jandals, T-shirts, any apparel with alcohol advertising and daggy clothes when at school.

The new regulation is expected to affect about 70,000 public school teachers in NSW.

NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the dress code aims to boost the teaching profession's status.

Mr Piccoli explained, "Wearing appropriate dress helps teachers maintain respect and credibility with students, parents and the broader community ... Obviously, what a teacher might wear for sports events or metal work is different to what is required for parent-teacher interviews or an end-of-year awards ceremony."

For the latter occasion, the minister said a suit and tie or trousers and jacket are more suitable attire.

The new code takes effect at the start of term 2 of the current year.

In contrast, teachers at private and Catholic schools in NSW have been dressing formally for years. For instance, at the King's School in Parramatta, male teachers must wear shirt and ties when in school, while female teachers must wear dress like a female executive.

Others even wear business suits. 

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