NRL Star George Burgess, His Uncensored Nude Selfies Circulate on Twitter [PHOTOS]


NRL player George Burgess has been cleared of two counts of wilful damage he has been charged with, but that's not what's up with him. The 21-year-old South Sydney Rabbitohs player's totally nude selfies are circulating on Twitter.

According to, the uncensored pictures of the rugby player have circulated on the social networking site since last week and have made its way to a gay men's porn site.

In one photo, Burgess can be seen taking his own shot using a camera phone while inside a bathroom. Although his lower body is slightly sideways, his relaxed manhood is still visible. The other one shows full frontal exposure.

Click the pictures for the shots.

It isn't known how his nude selfies became public or who leaked them. Burgess, meanwhile, keeps mum about them. With people tagging him on the photos, it's unlikely that he hasn't been made aware of them yet. But nevertheless, he's making them look like it's a non-issue by just ignoring them.

And perhaps they are. His mind was probably in more pressing matters, like the wilful damage suit filed against him, which fortunately has just recently been dropped.

In June, South Sydney club said in a statement that their English player admitted to ramming a sign through the window of a car after their match against Gold Coast in Cairns. He used a street sign to smash the vehicle's rear window.

He was charged with wilful damages by the police. The National Rugby League also imposed suspension on him for two matches and a fine of $10,000.

On July 10, Wednesday, the charges have been dropped following a mediation between the rugby player and the car owner.


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