NRL 2014 – A Quick Glance at the New Laws

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The much-awaited National Rugby League of 2014 is coming close as the tournament is slated to kick off on March 6. Rabbitohs and Roosters are getting ready to play the first game of 2014's tournament at the ANZ Stadium.

Compared to year 2013 which encountered lot of problems on time management; this year, NRL made some important changes in the game plan, defining a stricter policy to manage the same. 

The following is a quick glance to the amendment made for this season:

  • The skipper of a team can talk to the referee during a stop in the middle of the game. The skipper could also talk when players leave the field during break in the half-time; 
  • Changes have been made to efficiently control cannonball tackles and crushers. Crusher tackles may face serious offence by the NRL committee;  
  • Deems and Penalties will not be considered as a break in the play; 
  • A team having 40/20 kick has to resume the play with a tap, not with a scrum; 
  • Handover will be awarded from this year if the ball gets kicked out on the full; 
  • Quick taps will be allowed from this year on any encroachment barring 10 metre penalties. The referee have the responsibility to notify if within 10 metre of the opposition's goal line; 
  • As per the new time-limit of goal kick, the referee will announce time off at 1 minute, 20 seconds approximately followed by another try. Clubs will be fined if they take more than 1 minute, 40 seconds for a conversion; 
  • After a 20-metre optional kick, the first tackle will be marked as 0 tackle. This new rule is made to enable an extra tackle and disavow any negative play or tactical kicks when the ball is kicked dead to slow down the game and further deny fullbacks and wingers the option to return kicks; 

All the aforesaid rules are made in consultation with club members and coaches. NLR is positive that they will be able to rule out the factor of wasting time, giving viewers more pleasure watching a tight game with better competition. 

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