Now and Then: Valeria Lukyanova's Natural Looks, Before Becoming Real-Life Barbie Doll [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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Real-life doll, Valeria Lukyanova, was not born with her outrageous doll-like looks. What did she look like before all the plastic surgery? Find out in the photos below.

Valeria Lukyanova, or more commonly known as the real-life Barbie, became an internet sensation after she flaunted the results of many plastic surgery sessions. She went a transformation that made her look like a breathing, human Barbie doll, complete with a ridiculously tiny waist and big, glassy eyes.

But many are asking what she looked like before she became a human doll.

Before her surgery, Valeria had a seemingly attractive charm, with blonde hair and a full, hourglass figure. She also sported a nose ring, and was constantly seen wearing her favorite leopard print tights. It is unbelievable how much transformation plastic surgery can do, especially with the proportions Valeria asked her doctor to create.

Just recently, Valeria fulfilled one of her dreams as she modeled sexy outfits for V Magazine. Many say that this is not something that she is likely to achieve if she hadn't gone for those surgeries. As superficial, vain, and outrageous as it may seem, Valeria looks like she's more than happy to be in the current skin that she is in.

Which Valeria Lukyanova looks better, the before or after? Watch the video below and view the slideshow so you can decide.

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