Novak Djokovic Toppled Andy Murray at Sony Open Quarterfinal

Novak Djokovic at Miami Open
Novak Djokovic waves to the crowd after his match against Andy Murray (not pictured) on day ten of the Sony Open at Crandon Tennis Center. Djokovic won 7-5, 6-3.

In the quarter-final of the Sony Open 2014, world number two Novak Djokovic toppled world number 6 Andy Murray by 7-5, 6-3, in an electrifying match held in Miami.

This is the second meeting between two Djokovic and Murray after Wimbledon's final in July.

The defeat of Murray will slide his ranking to the eighth position, the lowest position since 2008.

The match was tight right from the start. Despite the loss, Murray seemed to be at his peak form since winning Wimbledon, followed by his back surgery in September 2013.

Djokovic, on the other side, proved to be dominant against the action of the Scot. His serving was simply superb to pave his way forward.

However, during 53 minutes on 12th game, there had been some disagreement with the umpire when Djokovic clearly played his volley with his racquet over the net on the first point at 6-5.

Though the umpire stated the racquet had not crossed the net, video replay clearly showed the fault.

During the break he headed to the chair and told the official, ""You're having a laugh, you can see it on the replay. He [Djokovic] said his racquet was over the net!"

In the second set, Murray made some stunning backhand and showed his agility to win the match. But Djokovic was too composed as he made around 80 per cent of his first serve rest of the match, giving not much room to Murray.

After the match, when Murray was asked about the issue in the 12th game, he said, "I'm not angry. It maybe had a slight bearing on that game, but I was still up a break in the second set."

Djokovic rather seemed to be unaware of the rules that no players are allowed to play a ball with their racquet on the opponent's side of the net.  

"Look, it might be my mistake .... I think I crossed the net with the racquet. I didn't touch the net." Murray said.

But no matter what, the crowd have seen one of the best match in the Miami open. 

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