A 'Note-Taking" Microsoft Mini Tablet Might Surface in May

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The long-rumored Surface Mini might surface next month as seen on some Amazon listings. The Amazon listings seem to provide accessories of Surface Mini which has not still confirmed with regard to its market release.

Vostrostone, a Chinese firm listed the products smart cover for $10 and keyboard case for $33 with a Bluetooth detachable keyboard. The products have accessories designed for Surface Mini. The listing said the items will be available on May 18.

Microsoft's Surface computer tablets have not been its biggest success, but perhaps a Surface Mini could change its fortune. After a long wait, a new report has now shed light on the rumored Surface Mini.

Long-rumored Surface Mini follows the "mini" fad, the trend of small tablets like iPad and iPad Mini, which some people love for a different iOS experience. It is said to be Microsoft's way of stepping up to offer such different experience to the consumers. It is a smaller variant of Surface 2, about 8 inches and may likely have Qualcomm chipset. Release date might be on Spring or the second quarter of the year.

There are circulating reports Surface Mini will be in the market in May 2013 but not yet realized. The delay was not because Microsoft was not able to meet the demand for Surface 2 and Mini tablets, but was a business decision.

Surface Mini is set to copy the large 10.6-inch models and use the same materials for the design and stand in the market with a note-taking device plus a full version of Windows 8.1. It is also expected to directly compete with Google's Nexus 8, which will be made by Asus.

Windows 8.1 specs to run in the 8-inch Surface Mini includes a full HD display, 5 GB RAM and ARM processors. Some expected the unit to surface during Microsoft Build Conference.

Microsoft believed ARM offers a better price and battery life. The device has a digital pen, not the old-fashioned stylus with a customized software that maximizes its future.

Microsoft Mini will be dubbed as the "note-taking tablet" in the market. Also, it will support active digitizer Wacom Digitizer with suitable drivers. Its price tag is believed to be near Surface 2's. Launch date is still tentative.

Some raised some doubts with regard to the 5 GB RAM Surface Mini may have and its supposed Kinetic-like gestures. Journalists, bloggers and analysts said speculations were based from reports coming from  anywhere. Unless Microsoft releases details, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

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