Not Again! Justin Bieber Reportedly Quitting Music to Open Tattoo Parlour with Dad?

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Justin Bieber is reportedly done with music. The singer has been so bugged with troubles surrounding his celebrity status that he is reportedly planning to take a break from being a singer and might even end up opening a tattoo parlour with his dad Jeremy Bieber, Radar Online reports. According to the Web site, the 19-year-old troubled star has expressed his desire to quit music and told his manager Scooter Braun about his future plans.

"Justin told Scooter and Usher he needs to take a break from making music and touring. He complained that he toured for most of last year and he hasn't had a chance to catch his breath," the Web site quoted an inside source.

"Justin wants to take control of his life and not be out on the road in a different city every other night. His short term plans include opening a tattoo parlour with his dad. They have talked about it for a very long time. It's his dream for it to be a very high-end parlour, unlike anything currently out there," says the source to Radar Online.

Various media agencies are circulating pictures of Justin Bieber in Panama where he is seen enjoying at the beach and relaxing after a brief stint with the Miami police over the last weekend. The Canadian crooner was arrested for driving under the influence, driving with expired license, resisting arrest and even drag racing in the streets of Miami. Though the singer was not put in the jail, he was quite stressed out by the whole incident and was seen "crying his eyes out" after the incident, media agencies reported.

The "Believe" singer has been accompanied by his mother Pattie Mallette, his mentor Usher and manager Scooter Braun in Panama. The Web site says that these are his closest people in his life who are trying to persuade Justin to get his life on track. His closest aides are worried about the direction which the singer's life is taking.

"I'm very concerned about him - I've been concerned about him for many months. This [has] to do with the young man... hopefully, we will all get through to him," says Lucian Grainge, the boss of Bieber's musical label Universal to the Web site.

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If the reports from Radar Online are to be believed, do you think Justin is doing the right thing to take a break in his super busy life and have some time for himself? This is not the first time Biebee has expressed his desire to quit music. In a radio interview earlier, the Canadian singer said he is quitting music and even said on Twitter that he is done with music. Considering he is just 19-year-old and has been working hard for quite a few years, do you think it's time for him to take a sabbatical and return when he is fresh to take on new challenges? What are your views?

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