North Korea Nuclear War: Social Media Sites React with Funny Images on Leader Kim Jong Un [PHOTOS]


North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un's final approval with the nuclear war on the United States led the social media web sites to react using funny or mocking images. Even hackers took over the North Korean social media accounts like "Twitter" and "Flickr" to publish compromised messages and photographs.

Anonymous, the decentralized group of hackers reportedly took responsibility in hijacking the North Korean social media accounts where the Flickr account released an image that mocks the North Korean leader with a pig's nose and ears. The Flickr account has already been restored to normal operation but North Korea's Twitter account still appears to be hacked.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott claimed that the nuclear threat should be taken seriously. "The appalling set of statements from North Korea were like a re-run of a bad 1930s movie," Rudd, who is currently on a speaking tour for the United States on China relations, stated.

For Tony Abbott today, North Korea is in the "ultimate rogue state" and even urged Prime Minister Julia Gillard to convince China in acting and calming the escalating tensions in Pyongyang. "It is important the international community does what it can to hold back North Korea," Abbott declared.

Julie Bishop, the foreign affairs spokeswoman of Tony Abbott, revealed that she will arrive this weekend in China for the BOAO trade forum and would discuss the North Korea nuclear war issue with the senior government officials. "The threats from North Korea have become increasingly dire in recent weeks and must be taken seriously," Bishop stated.

The spokeswoman even called the attention of Foreign Minister Robert Carr to reveal Australia's plans in limiting North Korea's threatening activities. "Senator Carr should clarify what he has in mind. There is currently no two-way trade between North Korea and Australia so I'm not quite sure how further sanctions directly from Australia could be imposed," Bishop stated.

"Kim Jong-un should be leading his nation on a path to peace. This is not in the interests of the North Korean people," Bishop further added.

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