Norman Reedus Talks About His Upcoming Fan Art Book, Plus The Walking Dead Star Chooses True Blood Over Twilight [VIDEO]

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Fans admire Norman Reedus for portraying Daryl Dixon in "The Walking Dead" and they love him for being a genuine human being who shares fan art via his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Norman announced in the past that he wants to release a fan art book comprising of pieces made by his fans.

In this new interview, he talks to Elliot Fullam (Little Punk People) of Party Smasher Inc. about music, "True Blood," and more.

"Yeah, it's about 300... drawings and stuffs made out of clay, it has 300 art pieces that fans made and sent to me. It is done by the same book publisher that just did my book of photos and it is a thank you for all the love over the past couple of years," said Norman when asked about his fan art book project that is coming out soon.

During the interview, Norman revealed that he loves old punk, rock music and new artists. He was also asked about where he would like to travel in order to take good photos.He stated that he would love to visit Cuba, Greenland and Alaska.

Then it was time for some rapid-style questions. Elliot asked some really cool questions.

Norman was asked if he like "Twilight" or "True Blood." "The Walking Dead" star gave it a thought and replied, "True Blood."

The next one was "Metallica or Madonna." The actor mentioned that he likes Metallica more than Madonna.

In the interview, he also talked about his new movie "999" which is about a bank robbery. Norman is sharing the screen with "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul.

Are you eagerly waiting for Norman Reedus' fan art book?

Stay tuned for more updates.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 episodes hit the TV screens this October on AMC.

Credit: YouTube/Party Smasher Inc.

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