Nokia XL Top 5 Known Issues Reported and Workarounds Provided By Users

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Nokia XL may be praised for running Android OS but users have complained several issues about their experience. Double tap, picture quality, stuck charging level, poor call quality and vertical lines on screen are just some of the problems reported by owners.

Unresponsive Double Tap

Double tapping on Nokia XL's display screen will wake it up but some users are complaining about its responsiveness. There is no specific cause on why the feature malfunctions from time to time and Nokia may possibly release an update to address the problem.

These are simple workarounds provided by some users who experienced the unresponsive double tap.

1.      Instead of double tapping, triple tap on the display screen.

2.      Double tap with some pressure.

3.      Use the side of your fingernails instead to wake the screen.

Stuck Charging Level

There are reports that Nokia XL suffers from stuck charging level wherein the battery won't go up or down during the recharging and discharging cycle. It is unknown yet if any apps might have caused the problem.

Workaround: Restarting the smartphone will display the actual battery life. This is a temporary solution and the issue may still arise in the future.

Camera Quality

Low light condition seems to be a big deal with Nokia XL as some users reported poor quality on dim-lit areas.

Workarounds: In order to increase the quality under low light scenes, change the setting of the brightness from auto to level 2 or 3. Tweak other camera settings as well to determine the best possible quality.

Audio Levels

A user reported that Nokia XL suffers from poor audio quality during voice calls and it can happen on either incoming or outgoing call. Unfortunately, there is no workaround yet on this problem and the bug may even occur at maximum volume level.

Vertical Lines on the Screen

Vertical lines may appear on the display screen of Nokia XL and it is primarily caused by defected hardware components. According to Nokia, a user may perform a Factory Reset to resolve the vertical lines after creating a backup. If not, the user must proceed to the nearest service centre or the retailer to ask for warranty options.

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