Nokia X Android Phone: Green-Coloured Images and Invite to 2014 Mobile World Congress Circulate Online, Nokia's Tease on Upcoming Android Handset?

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Nokia uses green-coloured images featuring a dog, a tree, the letter X and a UFO to tease device enthusiasts on what to expect at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. Even the Finnish smartphone manufacturer's media invite for the upcoming press event has the green hue with the attracting words "Meet Us Under The Tree."

Nokia introduced the images through the Chinese micro-blogging Web site Sina Weibo to incline the interest of the crowd before the 2014 MWC. According to the Android Community report, Nokia initially teased monkeys, a green tree and a treasure map with the green X and the latest addition is a dog.

The report speculates the dog represents the popular term "dogfooding" where devices or apps are being tested out internally. Click HERE to see photos.

Another Android tease reportedly happened when Nokia changed its Facebook and Twitter pages to the colour green from their signature blue colour. The Android Authority reports Nokia is already dropping hints about the arrival of an Android-powered handset.

Reports about the Nokia Android smartphone started to circulate online in 2013, and the recent ones surfacing continue to claim that the device has been given the codename Nokia Normandy or Nokia X. A published Wall Street Journal article claims that the new Nokia device will be making an appearance at the February 2014 Mobile World Congress.

Nokia has also sent out the media invite for the press event that the company will hold at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. The message "Meet Us Under The Tree" has been emphasised with the green leaves from a tree as background.

According to the invite, Nokia's press conference is scheduled to take place on Monday, Feb 24, from 8:30 - 9:30 am local time. Click HERE to see the Nokia invite. The Nokia Normandy budget phone or Nokia X Android phone is expected to make an appearance at the upcoming event along with other rumoured Nokia devices such as the Nokia Lumia 930, 630 and 635 as well as the Nokia Lumia Icon.

The 2014 Mobile World Congress is scheduled to commence on Feb 24 until Feb 27 in Barcelona, Spain.

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