Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10: Slimmer Accessory for Nokia Lumia Smartphones to Go on Sale Soon

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Nokia has created the Treasure Tag smartphone accessory to help in tracking items that are frequently lost and the Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2 has already been put up for sale worldwide. Now, the Finnish company is plugging the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10, the smaller and more compact version of the Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2 accessory for Nokia Lumia, iOS and Android devices.

According to the NokNok report, the Nokia Treasture Tag Mini WS-10 measurements are 30x30x5.8mm making the accessory slimmer compared to the original's thickness which is set at 10mm. The weight of the accessory at just 6.2g makes it lighter as well compared to the Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2 weight of 13g.

The latest gadget will function when it is attached to important items such as keys, a bag or wallet and a standard Bluetooth connection pairs the Treasure Tag and the user's smartphone app. The item tagged will be shown on a map on the Nokia Lumia handset allowing the owners to find the items that they have lost or left behind after receiving a notification.  

The report further noted that the Nokia Treasure Tag is not only limited to Windows Phone handsets. The smartphone accessory can also support iOS and Android devices.

However, the Windows Phone Central report claims the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini does not have NFC and a buzzer speaker. Therefore, pairing must be done manually and owners will have to depend on the smartphone's speaker in tracing the lost item.  

It is further noted in the report that the battery capacity of the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 got reduced to 1/3 the battery capacity of the Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2 but can still provide enough with 120 days savings of battery life from the CR2016 coin cell alkaline battery. The plastic loop that attaches the items to the Treasure Tag has been replaced as well with just a simple band. Click HERE to see photo.

The Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 is offered in white colour option with an orange silicon strap. The recommended retail price of the smartphone accessory is set at $16.90 and expected to be put up for sale in the coming months.

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