Nokia Treasure Tag: 'Coolest' Handset Accessory

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From the smartphone accessories in the market that promise to be a great utility, Nokia Treasure Tag is the coolest accessory that makes things memorable.

This Nokia accessory was launched in February this year. It is a small, matchbox-sized item or a tag that can be attached to your keys, wallet/purse and other important articles to ensure they never get lost. The tag app will help as to where to start looking for your valuable things when lost. Treasure Tag is compatible with the Nokia Lumia Icon, a 4G LTE smartphone. It has also designed an app to make them compatible with iOS and Android devices.

To start using this tag, download the Nokia Treasure Tag app from the Windows Phone Store and sync it to the device using Near Field Communication or Bluetooth. It can either be kept in a hand bag or with the help of the string or the strap you can attach it to the items which are used often such as bicycle or car keys.

The app helps you locate your four Treasure Tags. It will notify you by locating them on a map, if the tagged item is forgotten, left behind or separated. If the item is no longer within the range, the app still tells its last known location on the map.

Treasure Tag provides audible and visual guides to reach the exact location of the lost item. The replaceable battery lasts for up to six months. The tags, which are technically Microsoft products after its acquisition of Nokia's handset business, are now available for $29.99 each at Verizon Wireless.

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