Nokia Testing New Lumia Device: Prepping for a Surprise 2013 MWC Launch?

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Nokia is reportedly testing a new Lumia smartphone, triggering fresh speculations that the Finnish firm is pulling off a surprise following its announcement of a Feb. 25 news briefing at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

A new device, known for now as RM-860, recently appeared on Nokia servers through Navifirm, according to Windows Phone Central. But apart from the 'model tag', nothing much can be gleaned from the revelation except to assume that another Windows phone will hit the market soon.

While there were earlier reports that Nokia is closely working with U.S. telcos AT&T and Verizon for the upcoming releases of new Lumia handsets, the term RM-860 hardly gives away clues about specific phone models that Nokia is currently working.

Yet the indication that the firm will host an event via the 2013 MWC later this month fired up rumours that Nokia is about to uncloak the next Lumia. Note that in previous weeks, reports started circulating that the mobile phone maker has commenced working on two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

Reports suggested that anytime this year, Nokia will release the Nokia Catwalk and Nokia Laser but there hints too that what were published model names were so far were pertaining to codenames.

The Nokia Laser, for instance, will likely end up as the refreshed version of the Lumia 920 and will be distributed by Verizon in the United States. So far, this new Lumia 920 is likely to bump up on what were already seen in the original version.

But the most notable spec upgrades will be deployed via the Lumia's PureView camera technology, according to WM Power User. This monster phone will sport a rear-cam shooter of 42MP, the same report claimed.

As for the Catwalk, nothing much has been attributed to the planned Nokia handset save for suggestions that the device will be thinner and lighter compared to its predecessor.

The likelihood is strong that Nokia will launch its fresh device offering via the 2013 MWC, providing some texture for the gadget showcase following observations that the usual anticipation generated by the event was tamed by recent developments.

Earlier, Samsung and HTC had announced that they will stage separate events and will likely introduce their new products outside of the Barcelona platform.

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