Nokia ‘Superman’ Smartphone With 5 MP Camera, 4.7-inches Display Coming Soon; Two New Windows Phone 8.1 Update En Route

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A 'selfie' focused smartphone from Nokia dubbed 'Superman' will be launched by Microsoft later this year. The Nokia Superman is going to be a Windows Phone 8.1 handset that will sport a 5 MP 'high-resolution' front facing camera. It is worth noting that, the high-resolution feature helps in bringing out amazing image processing effects in order to retouch self-portraits/selfies.

The Verge spoke to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans said that the new phone has the codename 'Nokia Superman' and this is going to be the first smartphone the company will be launching after Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia mobile unit. The new phone is presently in the development phase.

Normally, a high resolution camera in the front of a smartphone is out-of-the-ordinary, although HTC One (M8) which got released quite recently and the OnePlus One, which is expected to release shortly feature a 5 MP front facing camera. Microsoft is betting on this phone to capture the selfie conscious market and will be seen promoting the phone solely as the ultimate selfie-taking smartphone.

Also going by the same report, Windows Phone 8.1 will see two updates from Microsoft that will be released this year. The first Windows Phone 8.1 update is expected to arrive in July and these updates will be rolled out to all the compatible Windows Phone devices.

If the rumors were true, a Reddit user claiming to be working in Microsoft for about 15 years let out some of the features that would be part of the next version of Windows Phone OS, reportedly code-named as Windows Phone 8.2 or Windows Phone 9.

It is worth noting that, Nokia announced three new Lumia series of smartphones powered by Windows Phone 8.1 namely Lumia 930, Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 in Microsoft's Build Developer Conference held only couple of weeks back.

The reported two new updates to Windows Phone 8.1, is known within Microsoft as 'General Distribution Releases' or GDRs. GDR1 will probably be released in the mid of this year, most likely July, while the other GDR2 is expected to arrive later, most probably in the same time as Nokia Superman is expected to be out.

The report also suggests that there are more handsets on the way from Nokia; the rumored Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone which is codenamed 'Nokia Goldfinger' could also see the light of the day. This smartphone is expected to be a flagship model, which would feature 3D Touch technology that the company has been working for long time now.

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