Nokia Rolls Out Asha 205, Asha 206 for the Holidays, Touts Handsets as ‘Ultimate Social Phones’

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Two new feature phones from Nokia will hit selected global markets this holiday season and the Finnish firm is confident that shoppers will love the handsets' main attraction - the Asha 205 and Asha 206 are wallet-friendly.

Both priced at base level of $US62, Nokia is billing these new addition to its money-making Asha series as 'ultimate social phones', their features cantering on social media access such as Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging and email services.

The 205, in fact, is being marketed as an informal Facebook phone as it comes with a dedicated button that feeds in news everything about Facebook in a single press. This phone, according to Nokia, is "the most social Asha phone to date."

Nokia also deployed eBuddy with the Asha 205, which the company said is an app widely used in specific Asian and European regions - the markets that will welcome the new mobile phones this Q4 2012.

No official word yet from Nokia, however, if these QWERTY handsets will reach Australian shores - a market likely to appreciate their straightforward features of 2.4-inch VGA screen and cameras, sufficient internal memory of no less than 10MB with microSD expansion option and long battery-time that could last though the day on average use.

The two phones are packed with Nokia's EasySwap technology, which allows users to insert different SIMs on the units without powering them down. However, buyers opting out of this feature could just get the single-SIM variation of both the Asha 205 and Asha 206.

Along with these latest handsets, "Nokia unveiled a new Slam feature which allows consumers to share multimedia content like photos and videos with nearby friends almost instantly through Bluetooth connection," Reuters said.

True to being budget-phones, both Ashas, Nokia said, are equipped with the Xpress Internet platform, which reduces consumers' consumption cost by crunching data in the cloud. According to, realised savings could reach a high of 90 per cent on this exclusive Nokia service.

"Both devices are built with the trust and quality people have come to expect from Nokia, and offer smarter Internet experiences that help save money today and tomorrow," Nokia executive vice president Timo Toikkanen was quoted by the tech blog site as saying in a statement issued on Monday.

"The latest Nokia devices give super-social consumers new ways to express their personalities through design, colour and innovative new features," Mr Toikkanen.

Nokia's Asha series proved profitable for the struggling mobile phone maker, selling around 6.5 million units in the September quarter alone and surpassing the company's flagship smartphones - the Windows-powered Lumias.

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