Nokia Officially 'Owned' by Microsoft, Windows Phone to Compete With iPhone And Google Nexus?

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Microsoft CEO Explaining
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gestures during his keynote address at the company's "build" conference in San Francisco, California April 2, 2014. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Nokia has finally entered Microsoft's turf as the $7.5 billion purchase of its mobile phone line has been finalized on April 25.

The deal meant the hardware giant will manage the Nokia devices and services, including the Finnish manufacturer's vast collection of device models such as Lumia, X and Asha series.

The Nokia-Microsoft bid started in September 2013. While the negotiations between both companies did not took much of complications, regulatory approvals from China halted the deal, delaying the merging of the two tech giants. With the Chinese approval, Microsoft and Nokia did not waste any time to make it all official, subsequently ending Nokia's two-decade domination in the mobile market.

New Nokia Windows's Devices to Challenge iOS And Android

Nokia's merging with Microsoft created a buzz in the tech world. With Microsoft supporting Nokia in the past years by powering the Lumia line with the Windows operating system, the dying mobile business of the Finnish phone maker suddenly went back on track. Also, Nokia also gained confidence as it became bolder in marketing its devices, even putting them with a few of competitors' flagships.

How the new Nokia will compete in the mobile market has yet to be seen. But reports suggested Microsoft will work hard to offer Windows devices that will level on the likes of Apple iPhone and Google Nexus with powerful software to boast.

Apple offers both OS X and iOS in its devices while Google is seemingly contented with the success of Android and Chrome OS. Windows is the contending player in the scene and its future offerings will dictate whether it can go head on with Apple and Google's top operating platforms.

Will There be a Brand Renaming For Nokia smartphones? 

Speculations emerged Nokia phones will be renamed to Microsoft Mobile after the acquisition. But there is no confirmation from Microsoft yet whether the Nokia phone will be rebranded.

A Forbes report gave light to the spreading rumors, confirming Nokia will not carry Microsoft Mobile for its "Lumia and Asha brands and products and the rest of the Mobile Phone portfolio sold under the Nokia brand." It also pointed out that while the Nokia branded products will receive full support from Microsoft, it will no longer have the right to continue operating as Nokia itself.

There is a lot to expect from Microsoft and Nokia working under one banner. Whether future devices will garner similar success like the Apple iPhone and the Google Nexus along other top competitors remains an interesting subject to watch for.

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