Nokia Lumia: Nokia Launches New App 'Pocket Magnifier' for Windows Phone 8 Handsets

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Nokia has launched a new app called the Pocket Magnifier app for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets. The Finnish company's exclusive app, which has been created in affiliation with the UK Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), can now be found in the Nokia Collection where smartphone owners with eye-sight issues will be allowed to use their Nokia Lumia screen display as a magnifying glass.

According to the Noknok report, the app installed on the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handset will allow items viewing at 4x digital zoom. The Nokia Pocket Magnifier app comes as well with different modes like pinching the screen in and out with two fingers and the addition of the Slider control where users can fine tune what they are looking at.

The Nokia Pocket Magnifier app is free to download at 5MB size from the Nokia Collection onto the Nokia Lumia device. "We've been checking out the Nokia Pocket Magnifier app on our Nokia Lumia 1320 but you'll find that it works on all Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8 smartphones, including the Nokia Lumia 520 but you won't find the light function working due to lack of a Flash," the Noknok report noted.

With the Pocket Magnifier viewfinder tapped, the shown image will be refocused so it will be easier for users to read what is shown or written. Another feature included in the exclusive app is the pause button that freezes the screen shot for easier viewing or reading, saving and applying the nine filters incorporated varying from auto enhance to negative. 

Viewing in low light conditions is also made easier with the light bulb pictogram found at the bottom menu that activates the backside LED flash on the Nokia Lumia when pressed. The Beta News report claims Nokia Lumia owners who wish to download the Nokia Pocket Magnifier can head to the Windows Phone Store.

In addition to the Pocket Magnifier app, Nokia is set to push out a couple of updates to several of their existing apps. "Both the Nokia Chat Beta and Nokia Storyteller Beta apps are receiving updates, but because there's no changelog available, it's not yet clear what tweaks are included with the new versions," the Phonedog report reads. As for the Nokia Glance app, it is being updated to have support for the upcoming Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1. 

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