Nokia Lumia EOS vs. Samsung Galaxy Cameras: Competition on Camera Technology [PHOTOS]


Nokia is anticipated to compete against the unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Samsung Galaxy NX as it releases the impressive Nokia Lumia EOS smartphone with 41MP camera. Can the Finnish company overthrow rival technology giant Samsung which already offers devices with enhanced camera technology?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is equipped with a 16MP camera sensor that supports 10x optical zooming, and users are assured that photos or videos captured will yield superior quality compared to the cameras found on other smart phones including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. The Zoom runs on the similar Android Jelly Bean OS that allows the images to be shared and uploaded on social media sites.

Another Samsung Mobile device unveiled is the Samsung Galaxy NX, a DSLR camera, powered as well with the Android Jelly Bean operating system. With the Android device, captured images and videos can be directly uploaded to the cloud-based services such as Google Drive and Dropbox as well as other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

With the Nokia Lumia EOS, Nokia claims that the 41MP camera technology on the upcoming device is capable of producing eye-catching and high-quality images that are smaller compared to the average poster-sized pictures. Previous image leaks of the EOS shows a familiar Nokia Lumia range frame capable of holding a camera-phone feature.

Howver, the Nokia Lumia EOS disadvantage on its camera technology is the deficiency of top smartphone applications on the Windows Phone platform for image sharing or uploading such as DropBox, Instagram and Vine.

Nokia has already a scheduled press event to take place on July 11 in New York City. It will be a live worldwide broadcast where the Nokia Lumia EOS is expected to be launched together with an official announcement on the device's release date.

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