Nokia Lumia 929: Upcoming Windows Phone Icon Handset Spotted Wearing Incipio Smartphone Case Accessory

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A leaked image of the alleged Nokia Lumia 929 "Icon" handset shows the Finnish device wearing an Incipio smartphone case accessory. Nokia has not yet confirmed the official launch of the Nokia Lumia 929 but Incipio already sells two cases for the Windows Phone handset.

According to the WinBeta report, the first case for the Nokia Lumia 929 is a "Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core" called the "DualPro" with $29.99 price while the second case is an "Ultra Thin Snap-On Case" called "Feather" with $24.99 price. Consumers can choose from the available colour choices of black, cyan and pink for both smartphone cases.

"The feather features a gray color option and the DualPro features a white color option," the report reads. Regarding the device's release date, the GSMArena report claims the Nokia Lumia 929 is set to be released on Thursday, Jan 16, after suffering production delays during a rumoured pre-holiday release schedule.

Additionally, the latest circulating reports claim Nokia will no longer use Nokia Lumia 929 as the device's model name but will identify it as "Nokia Icon" instead. "If this rumor pans out to be true, then the Nokia Icon could be the first (and last) handset from the Finnish manufacturer that does not have the usual lineup and model number branding (e.g. Lumia 1520, Asha 501, etc.)," the KPop Starz report reads.

In a previous report, another smartphone case was made available for the still unannounced Nokia Lumia 929 smartphone. The Armor Stand Case accessory has been listed in the Wireless Ground Web site at $11.95 price lowered from the $19.95 initial price offer.

US carrier Verizon is set to offer the Nokia device soon as the successor to the Nokia Lumia 929 smartphone. The rumoured features and specs of the Nokia Icon handset include a 5-inch Full HD screen display with 1080p resolution, the 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage capacity that can be expanded through the available microSD card slot and a 20MP rear-facing PureView camera with LED flash.

Additional features and specs expected to be incorporated in the Nokia Icon are the 2150mAh battery, a front-facing camera capable of video chatting, the Nokia Pro Cam camera app, Here Drive+, Nokia Music, Windows Phone 8 operating system with the latest Nokia Lumia Black update pre-installed out of the box and 4G LTE support with the data network of Verizon.

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