Nokia Lumia 928: Nokia CEO Avoids the Inquiry on the Upcoming Lumia and Throws an Apple iPhone [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]


In Finland, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently made a controversial appearance on MTV3's "Hjalliksen kanssa." Host Hjallis Harkimo inquired about the Nokia Lumia 928 smart phone but the CEO avoided answering the question and even tossed the host's Apple iPhone on the floor.

The TV show host showed the Nokia CEO his Apple iPhone but claimed that he would like to get his hands on a Nokia smart phone. "Oh, how embarrassing! I can take care of that for you right here," Elop stated as he took the iPhone and threw it. "There you go, it's gone," Elop added.

Hjallis Harkimo further prodded the Nokia CEO about the Nokia Lumia 928. "I want to have a Nokia phone because I believe in you and I believe in Nokia. But I want to have that Lumia 928. So when do I get it?" Harkimo asked.

Though Stephen Elop remain tight-lipped on that matter, the Nokia CEO assured Harkimo that he will replace the tossed iPhone with a Nokia Lumia smart phone. Elop insisted that he will not discuss the Nokia Lumia 928 but would generally talk about the future plans of Nokia.

Numerous reports surrounding the Nokia Lumia 928 indicate the upcoming smart phone could be Nokia's latest smart phone that will battle with rivals such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Nokia Lumia 928 reportedly has a 4.5-inch OLED screen display, a great processor, a microSD card slot for expanded internal storage capacity and remarkable camera features.

The all-aluminum Lumia 928 body is reportedly 10.2mm thin with a somewhat curved spine design making it lighter compared to the Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia Lumia 920 has undergone the United States Federal Communications Commission's test and the smart phone is predicted to arrive this April 2013 in Verizon for the equivalent LTE bands 4 and 13 that matches the carrier's network.

Watch the video below of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's interview on MTV3's "Hjalliksen kanssa" with host Hjallis Harkimo.

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