Nokia Lumia 920 Update: Portico Updates Delivered to Canadian Owners; AT&T Extends Promo for Free Wireless Charging Pad

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Nokia and its partners have been delivering impressive after-sales services for the Lumia 920, dispatching timely patches and offering great accessories to further increase the attention it managed to capture starting late 2012.

In Canada, the Lumia 920 recently received firmware improvements in two batches dubbed by WM Power User as Portico updates. Courtesy of Rogers Canada, 920 owners in the country got the first patch in mid-December.

The software tweak, which was delivered over-the-air (OTA), was intended to address battery concerns raised by 920 owners, Nokia said, adding that the Windows Phone 8 phone is expected to experience significant performance boost once the patch has been downloaded and installed.

Stability of the Nokia handset will also improve on the dispatch, which can be checked by tapping on the 920's Settings then into Phone Update. Simply for the Check Update. If the file is ready for download, trigger for the phone to access the file and follow the instructions carefully for a smooth installation procedure.

Additional benefits of the December patch, according to Nokia, are faster and smoother boot up for the Lumia 920, messaging enhancement, more reliable Bluetooth connection and further improvement on the already potent PureView camera technology.

The January update, on the other hand, was geared mostly for language quality improvements, which in the case of the Lumia 920's Canadian release, led to a welcome step up in the phone's support for French speakers.

In the United States, meanwhile, AT&T saw it fit to extend its promo of free Wireless Charging Plate for U.S. subscribers that would get a subsidised Lumia 920 for a two-year contract.

For only $US100, customers would get the Nokia WP8 phone plus the cool accessory that adds up convenience in owning and using it. The offer was supposed to lapse January 2013 but AT&T sued for more time, wanting to sell as many as handsets as possible.

Those interested should not wait for the expiration date, which Nokia has reset for February 21. Note that the charging pad is worth $50, which is a steal if you are in fact planning to get the Lumia 920.

And the Lumia 920 tribe is increasing at an impressive rate, according to Nokia. The Finnish firm indicated last week that it sold more than four million Lumias during the months of October to December 2012, with assumptions that a big chunk of the sale belongs to the column labelled Lumia 920.

The numbers pale in comparison to results from Apple and Samsung, but decent enough for a company gradually finding its war back to the top, analysts said.

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