Nokia Lumia 730 ‘Selfie Phone’ Teasers Out Before Microsoft’s Press Conference at IFA 2014

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File Picture of a Windows Phone
A file picture of a Windows Phone held by Nokia vice president for industrial design Stefan Pannenbecker REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Microsoft is reported to be holding a press conference at the IFA event in Berlin and new Windows Phones are expected to be unveiled including the Lumia 730 aka the "selfie phone". The new device is rumoured to be a mid-ranged phone, expected to be affordable and a catch to selfie enthusiasts because of its 5MP front camera, according to Neowin.

Last month, Microsoft started teasing about the Lumia 730 on its press invitation to the press conference in Berlin. The invitation is reported to tease "join us for more face time", showing a Lumia camera on the invitation.  The latest teaser on the Nokia Conversations site simply shows a selfie on it. This is to remind everyone about the company's press conference at Berlin, Microsoft posted a selfie on Nokia Conversations site that gives everyone a hint that it will announce the new selfie phone.

Recently, images of the purported Lumia 730 along with Lumia 735 are shown from the Tieba Baidu site. The images are reported to provide a glimpse of the anticipated Lumia 730 that has a dual sim support followed by 735 that support 4G connection. The mid-range handset is reported to have pretty acceptable specs. The Lumia 730 is reported to have a 5MP front camera that gave its nickname as the "selfie phone". It is expected to have a 4.7-inch HD display to run on Windows Phone 8.1 Debian Red update on its OS and it is also expected to be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor. The handset is also expected to feature 1GB of RAM, 8GB of on board storage with microSD card slot and to have 6.7MP rear camera with flash. The power and the volume buttons are expected to be placed on the same side but even if it was reported to a phone that has focus on photography, the image does not show a dedicated button for the camera.

According to the report, the Lumia 730 is expected to be launched at the IFA 2014 in Berlin along with the Lumia 830. Leaks on Lumia 830 suggest that it could have a PureView camera on it and it is expected to be an affordable high-end phone, according to The Verge.

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